We are almost halfway through November, which means most guys’ Movember mustaches are in full effect. Everything from dirt ‘staches to porn 'staches to fu manchus abound these days.

If you’re rocking a mustache right now, and are new to the process, chances are you’re discovering that, in addition to highlighting how much you don’t look like Burt Reynolds, your facial hair also traps a lot of food and beverages destined for your mouth. For those who aren’t into the whole “flavor saver” thing, the Bucardo mug comes in very handy. Modeled after a design from the 19th century, when mustaches were more than just once-a-year novelties, the mug features a guard on the top that keeps beverages from touching your 'stache as you drink.

The 13-ounce mugs feature original artwork from Jeff McMillan and 10% of proceeds go to at-risk youth and men’s health charities. They’re mugs, so coffee is an obvious choice to fill them with. But we won’t tell if you decide to pour beer or whiskey inside.

The Bucardo Mug costs $22 and is available at bucardostyle.com.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.