Two comedy heroes are getting documentaries produced about them this year, and from the looks of these trailers, both are likely to reduce you to tears.

First up, there’s Tig, a documentary about stand-up comic Tig Notaro. Notaro’s been working regularly for years, but she achieved massive fame in August, 2012, after performing a set at LA’s Largo revolving around a breast cancer diagnosis she’d learned about just days earlier. The resulting material, later released (by Louis C.K., no less) as Tig Notaro: Live, is one of the most powerful comedic pieces you’re ever likely to hear, and the documentary focuses heavily on Notaro’s illness and recovery, particularly on how comedy came to her rescue.

Then there’s I Am Chris Farley, a documentary about the legendary Saturday Night Live star who experienced incredible fame before dying of a drug overdose in 1997 at age 33. The trailer focuses on just how much fellow comedians regarded Farley as a genius, then touches on just how hard it was for him to cope with the sudden iconic status he experienced in the ‘90s. The footage both makes you want to see the film and reminds you of just how tragic the loss of Farley really was.

Tig hits Netflix July 17. I Am Chris Farley arrives in limited theatrical release on July 31, ahead of a VOD release in August.