Mr. Robot was the surprise television hit of 2015. Honestly, who could’ve predicted that a channel best known for Law & Order: SVU marathons would produce one of the best TV shows of the year?

But Mr. Robot took the entertainment world by storm, offering a compelling look at contemporary tech/hacker culture while also producing one of the most honest portrayals of mental illness on television. The show centered on Elliot Alderson (played by Rami Malek), an amateur hacker who gets recruited into an Anonymous-esque organization, fsociety, by the mysterious Mr. Robot (played by Christian Slater). And SPOILER A-FUCKING-LERT, in a very Fight Club-meets-Star Wars twist, it turned out that Mr. Robot was actually a hallucination by Elliot of his dead father, and another member of the group, Darlene, was his sister. At the end of the season, Elliot successfully hacked into E Corp, the world’s most powerful company, and possibly destroyed the entire financial system.

These lingering mysteries and crazy left turns were part of the reason Mr. Robot became such a hit. So with season two premiering tomorrow, we thought now would be a good time to examine some of the biggest unanswered questions from season one that we need answered at some point in the next ten weeks.

1. Where is Tyrell Willick?
The biggest question from the season one finale revolves around the fate of Tyrell Willick. In the ninth episode, Tyrell was fired from E Corp after being named a person of interest in the murder of his colleague’s wife. Of course, he actually did kill the woman, but that’s beside the point. He decides to confront Elliot about his plan to take down E Corp and helps him enact it.

And then…nothing. Two days after the cyber attack, Elliot wakes up inside Tyrell’s car, with the owner missing. It’s implied that something nefarious happened to him, especially after this promo video for Mr. Robot shows Elliott pulling a hidden gun out of the popcorn machine in the arcade while Tyrell’s on the phone.

Did Elliot kill Tyrell? (Probably.) Did he kidnap him and hide him somewhere? (Maybe.) Something happened in those missing two days that will impact the events of season two pretty directly.

2. Who’s at the door?

Elliot’s first season ended with him alone in his apartment watching the fallout from the fsociety hack, when someone knocked on the door. Elliot went to open it and…end credits. That’s called a cliffhanger, folks.

Who’s at the door? Is it Darlene barging on his personal time again? Is it Angela, his longtime best friend, checking in on him? Did Tyrell break out of whatever cell Elliot was holding him in? Mr. Robot? Or perhaps it has something to do with this:

USA Network

USA Network

3. What was that secret meeting in the finale credits?
At the actual end of season one, Whiterose, the transgender Chinese hacker who helped connect Elliot with the Dark Army, met up with E Corp CEO Phillip Price. The scene implied that the two of them work together, which would be unusual considering Whiterose helped the attack that caused E Corp’s stock to plummet. At the end of their meeting, Price said he knew who was responsible for the hack and would take steps to take them out. Does he think it’s Tyrell, since he just fired him? Or does he know it’s Elliot? Because it would be really bad for Elliot if it’s the latter.

4. What is Angela’s future in E Corp?
In the season one finale, Angela began her job at E Corp after making a deal with the company’s former CTO. Angela watched an executive at the company commit suicide on live TV and has seen a little bit of E Corp’s evil machinations. And yet, she remains at E Corp to help pay off her father’s debt. But will she remain just a regular employee at the company? Will she join fsociety and help them take it down from the inside? Or will she join the higher ranks of E Corp and become Elliot’s enemy?

The big question is whether E Corp will use Angela at some point to take down Elliot. She and Darlene are his only weak points in his life, so it may be the only way they can force him to abandon his revolution.

5. What’s next for fsociety?
Throughout season one, fsociety planned and prepared for the big hack on E Corp. They succeeded, and now the world’s financial powers are in crisis. But what do they do now? Thousands, perhaps millions of people seem to be supporting their cause now. Will they push for legitimate revolution? Will they move on to another hack? You can’t just start a revolution and then not follow through.

On a more micro-level, how is the team going to proceed? The squad’s faith in “Mr. Robot” as a leader wavered throughout the first season. Even after the hack went through, they were still miffed that Elliot went missing and left them all to clean up their tracks. Will Elliot convince the team to stay together for phase two? Is there even a phase two for fsociety? Is Elliot going to jumpstart a revolution? Will they still have easy access to free popcorn?

6. What’s Elliot’s story?
We know a bit about Elliot’s past. We know his father died after contracting leukemia while working for E Corp. We know his relationship with his mother was not great. We know he and Angela are lifelong friends. But what else do we know about him?

We know he and Darlene are brother and sister, but nothing more. What’s their past relationship like? Did they get along while they were younger? Where was Darlene when Elliot was having al his troubles with his mother?

We also know Elliot goes to mandated therapy. Who’s mandating this therapy? What did he do that made the therapy necessary? Was he arrested for a previous crime?

In season one, the question was, “Who is Mr. Robot?” But in season two, the question might be, “Who is Elliot Alderson?”

7. Will the therapist’s boyfriend come back to bite Elliot in the ass?
Last season, Elliot forced his therapist’s boyfriend to breakup with her since the guy was secretly married. And then he kidnapped the boyfriend’s dog. Stealing that dog may be Elliot’s downfall.

At the beginning of last season’s finale, Krista’s (the therapist) now ex-boyfriend met up with her to convince her to help take down Elliot. He said he had gone to the police and presented them with the evidence he had, but it wasn’t enough to arrest him. He said Elliot had been routing all his activities through proxies in Estonia, and that he’s untouchable unless the country falls apart. Krista declines to help him. So the boyfriend went home to eat his dinner alone. While eating, he begins watching the news about the international fallout from the fsociety hack and at the end of the report, the news anchor lists a bunch of countries who’s governments are in crisis…including Estonia.

Perhaps Elliot will not be defeated by E Corp and his activities with fsociety. Maybe he’ll be undone because he selflessly kept his therapist out of a relationship with a cheating man. I’m not really sure if the boyfriend has the resources to follow through on this. But it would be somewhat fitting with the show if Elliot went down for something completely unrelated to Mr. Robot.

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