Watching TV on your phone might still be a tough sell, but if there’s any show that should prompt you to give it another shot, it’s MTV’s Cribs.

The classic early 2000s series, an updated Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for the TRL-generation, took viewers inside the ridiculously lavish (and sometimes hilariously lame) homes of era-appropriate celebrities like Jermaine Dupri, Melissa Joan Hart, Johnny Knoxville, and Chad Kroeger. Even the Playboy Mansion was featured on the show.

Even though nobody watches MTV anymore, the Cribs concept will (and must) never die, which is why the channel has revived the show on a new platform: Snapchat.

Snapchat is where most of us are getting our #content, so MTV struck a deal to produce vertical-only, 3- to 5-minute long Cribs episodes that began airing on June 3 and will exclusively be available every Saturday for 48 hours on the social media app’s Discovery network.

The first installment featured EDM DJ Steve Aoki and his custom swimming pool, while this Saturday’s show invades skater Nyjah Huston’s digs and June 17’s episode follows the NFL’s Von Miller around his abode. Something called an Austin Mahone will be on a future edition, but I shouldn’t make fun of teen stars I’ve never heard of, because MY Cribs once boasted a triple-feature episode of Sebastian Bach, Sisqo, and Lit.

Garth Bardsley, VP of original video at MTV Digital, told Mashable that the 2017 Cribs still feels very much like the old-school Cribs, except “there’s maybe a little less bling,” which is frankly disappointing. “People don’t care that much about bling and care more about stories,” Bardsley said, but I really think he’s severely underestimating how much I and likeminded Cribs-heads care about bling.

The good news is there are so, so many old episodes of Cribs on YouTube that if you’re allergic to new tech, you can still spend an afternoon touring the eye-popping mansions that musicians bought when their industry was still flush with cash, but have no doubt since had to sell for far below market value.