Universal officially throws its hat into the shared cinematic universe game with the above trailer for a Tom Cruise movie in which he apparently dies. Or does he?!!

A few years have passed since Universal made its first embarassing attempt at a monsterverse with Dracula Untold. This time around, the studio is packing on the star power in hopes of an unsinkable hit—although this year it’s become clearer than ever that star power alone doesn’t cut it anymore. Much of the trailer is devoted to a harrowing plane crash scene, with Cruise clinging to the inside of a plane rather than the outside of one as he did in Rogue Nation. There is also a bad mummy lady played by Sofia Boutella, and Russell Crowe as some sort of wizened silver fox intoning key plot points.

As for what we can infer from the trailer: Somehow Cruise inherits some mummy powers in the crash. The scene where he awakens in a body bag could indicate his origin story for an eventual Avengers-esque Universal monsterverse teamup. Maybe the movie is more autobiographical than Universal would care to disclose? Mummy powers would be a logical explanation for how Tom Cruise manages to not age.

The Mummy hits theaters June 9, 2017.