After a young woman went missing, this newscaster started interviewing both neighbors and students who knew the victim. However, this insane interview also documents the moment she told Stephen McDaniel—on live television—that the body of the victim was found by the police and he starts to absolutely freaks out.

At first it made sense that he was upset over the news since he appeared to be friends and neighbors with the woman, however it was later discovered that McDaniel strangled his classmate from Mercer University law school in June 2011.

During the interview, no one thought her neighbor could have been responsible for her disappearance.

After he learned the news, he starts to break down and repeats himself saying that he didn’t “know anyone who would want to hurt her” while on the verge of tears. However, his interview made a lot of people suspicious, including the police, and he was arrested a few days after the video.

Once he was in police custody, McDaniel confessed to sneaking into her home, killing her and dismembering her body. In the end, he was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Despite the horrific affair, the video is definitely interesting to watch as it gives us insight into the mind of a killer days before he was arrested.

Via Unilad