One of the most unique museums ever is coming to the City of Angels just in time for the bright, cheerful days of summer. It’s called the Los Angeles Museum of Broken Relationships and a pop-up at the Ace Hotel in downtown offered up a public taste of what’s to come when the 5,000-square foot museum opens big in Hollywood come May. But first they need your help…and your stuff.

There’s been four pop-up events around Los Angeles, which have resulted in donation surges. What exactly do they want? As Assistant Director Amanda Vandenberg explained it to Mashable, the collection aims to be pretty all over the place, a proper spread of what makes the intriguing leftovers of a relationship.

VANDENBURG: “We get the usual, love notes and heart shaped stones and dried flowers. Recently, we got in a woman’s late husband’s cologne bottles. So much of what we receive is precious and preserved, gifts and keepsakes. But the cologne bottles are almost archeological, mostly used up and covered in a think layer of bathroom grime that comes with wear and tear. These weren’t what was precious while he was alive – they’re what was left behind. And you know they must smell like him, even after he’s gone. That one was moving.”

It’s not just the broken relationships of U.S. lovers either, as items have come from Europe and South America too. The idea, according to Vandenburg and Director Alex Hyde, is to show that what you treasure of the past isn’t a quality you alone hold. It’s more universal than you sometimes realize, when you may hold it as a weakness, but it’s actually a strange method of catharsis of you valuing what you yourself have endured.

VANDENBURG: “In a world where our lives our increasingly digital –- conversations moved to text or email, photos stored entirely in the cloud –- everyone knows the sensation of holding onto physical mementos. Everyone collects these little pieces of their lives that are tied to that unforgettable trip you took, that once in a lifetime experience, that person who left our lives too soon. We can’t help but treasure these instances of tangible ephemera.”

Get ready for beautiful heartbreak this summer, Angelenos. Submissions for potential museum items are open now.

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