The horrifying tragedy in Charleston has revealed once again that racism is still fresh in the minds of millions. As our nation grieved and moved towards the removal of symbols of culture oppression from governmental institutions, many media outlets failed to report on a wave of attacks on predominantly black churches throughout the South, causing activists to drive #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches to trend on Twitter.

Many, including the FBI, believe that these attacks could be a racially-motivated backlash to anti-racist sentiment in the wake of the shooting, and while investigations are ongoing, some church members have nowhere to gather together in faith.

While many have reacted with anger, the Arab-American Association of New York has partnered with Ummah-Wide, a digital media group with a focus on global Muslim issues, to commit to rebuilding these houses of worship.

Over on the effort’s LaunchGood page, the project’s leaders describe its vision:

Its Ramadan and we are experiencing firsthand the beauty and sanctity of our mosques during this holy month. ALL houses of worship are sanctuaries, a place where all should feel safe, a place we can seek refuge when the world is too much to bear. We are calling on you to help add our support to faith communities across the country pooling their resources to rebuild these churches. There has not been anywhere near the amount of resources needed to rebuild these churches. The time is now, let’s unite to help our sisters and brothers in faith.

The project has met its $30,000 goal.

Via Quartz