Dressing for summer travel is no different from dressing for any other occasion, at least in terms of principle. You need to strike a balance between comfort, aesthetics and utility, but when traveling, it’s also about the smart edit. That means choosing items that will still look fresh after 10 hours in a suitcase so you’re not snooping around your Airbnb for an iron or googling local dry-cleaning establishments for a quick press. The less time you spend fussing with your clothes, the more time you have to immerse yourself in local culture. You know, see the sights, taste the tastes. Better yet, when you invest in the right travel-ready pieces and learn how to them up or down, they’re likely to become your favorites back home.

Even if your summer vacation plans are limited to some all-inclusive resort in Cancun, you should definitely pack a dope travel blazer—something that can be folded and gently abused while still retaining its shape. We love these unlined “comfort blazers” from Uniqlo ($59.90-$69.90), which blend elegant Italian minimalism with anti-wrinkle technology and cost less than a burger and two cocktails at the airport bar.

Pay homage to the stoney, beachy vibes of the late-1970s California surf scene with a pair of tailored corduroy shorts. When worn with an elegantly wrinkled button down and some low key sneakers, these shorts are the essence of elevated casual-chic. When you buy them, be sure that they hit just above the knee. Showing a little leg makes you longer and leaner. Best of all, no one will confuse you with a teenager who got lost on his way to Warped Tour.

Back in the day, rap gods like EPMD and literary badasses like Hunter S. Thompson, put the bucket hat on the map. While they’ve since been largely adopted by fathers who love to fish, bucket hats’ floppy, east-to-wear nature makes them perfect for folding up and throwing in your suitcase. Wear one, like our Joyrich x Playboy ($66), with a cool tee as a substitute for a snapback, or dress it up with loafers for a more upmarket look.

Nothing says summer, bohemian cool like a pair of espadrilles, the shoes of choice for globetrotting artists like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. A cheap pair made from canvas or cotton will always do the trick, but for our money, we’d go with a rich suede. Paired with a crisp white shirt and some clean denim, these will take you from beachfront chilling to dancefloor killing without an outfit change.

As a general rule, you never want to attract too much attention when you are traveling, especially when it comes to your luggage. Leave your handmade leather bag in your hotel room and instead, carry a rustic tote, made from a handsomely rugged material like selvedge denim, on your day trips. This version from Ralph has plenty of room for stuff like an extra tank top or a beachfront book, and is perfect for afternoon jaunts.