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The Naked City Podcast: Art Alexakis of Everclear

The Naked City Podcast: Art Alexakis of Everclear: Art Alexis of Everclear

Art Alexis of Everclear

This week on Playboy’s Naked City we look at the notion of second acts and the bourgeoning nostalgia circuit for musicians and actors. If nothing, reality TV has been a steady paycheck for anybody looking to cash in on their past fame. For artists like Art Alexakis of 90’s phenom Everclear, TV is not an option. But still possessing a small but passionate fan base for his songs like Santa Monica. He’s found away to keep playing and cash in on the whole nostalgia industry. A genuine good dude with an insane past that would put any Behind The Music episode to shame, we get a glimpse into the seamier edges of the music industry and by proximity delve deep into Art Alexakis. ROLL TAPE!

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