Being a college student can be hard. Not only does it consist of long, strenuous hours, but it’s expensive too! Many students are forced to take out enormous loans or work multiple jobs while they attempt to balance their studies. While attending Oregon State University, 19-year old Kendra Sunderland was one of those people who had to find an additional source of income. So what did she do? Well, she capitalized on the fact that she’s unfathomably hot and became a cam girl. Once you get past the haters and judgmental assholes, it’s actually a pretty sweet gig. The money is good, the work is easy, and you’re basically your own boss.

A few months ago, while studying in the library, Kendra decided it was time to clock in. She put on quite a show in the OSU library, diddling herself on camera. The video ended up going viral throughout the college communities and propelled her to national notoriety. She even garnered the nickname Library Girl, which she reps proudly across all her social media platforms.

Since the whole ordeal, Kendra has decided to dedicate herself to the ‘getting naked on camera’ business. She recently auditions for the Naked News, a popular news segment hosted entirely by gorgeous, nude women (I’m never watching CNN again). Here’s a screenshot from her audition:

You can see the VERY NSFW video here. You can also check out her Instagram page and daydream about what it must have been like to sit in the library that day.

You can also check out Kendra’s exclusive photoshoot with right here. Or just watch the BTS video here: