Pluto is blowing up the internet these days, and for good reason. NASA’s New Horizons space probe is sending home all kinds of awesome insight into the dwarf planet and its lonely spot in our solar system. But NASA wants to give you more of an experience, so they released a new video that’s basically a simulated flyover of Pluto’s Norgay Montes (Norgay Mountains) and Sputnik Planum (Sputnik Plain).

It’s a wild time to be following NASA’s social media, as each day brings new goodies. We’re learning a lot with the dwarf planet’s first-ever close-up. One of the big pieces of recent info is that the surface could be younger than 100 million years, an estimation stemming from Pluto’s smooth quality.

“This terrain is not easy to explain,” said Jeff Moore, leader of the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging Team (GGI) in a statement. “The discovery of vast, craterless, very young plains on Pluto exceeds all pre-flyby expectations.”

The photos are exceeding expectations too. Everything NASA releases lately looks cool as hell. Take this photo of a region of Pluto that could very easily be the next Interpol album cover.

For context, here’s what you’re looking at.

If you’re hungry for more knowledge, watch Vintage Space host Amy Shira Teitel break down Pluto’s atmosphere and New Horizons tech.