For comedy fans, the romantic union of longtime stand-ups Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher is the definition of power coupling. The two tied the knot back in October in their L.A. home but decided to continue the celebratory vibes through 2016 by heading out together on the Honeymoon Tour, which kicked off last week in Honolulu. It is, according to their own press release, a “desperate attempt to extend their honeymoon in an ‘attractive destinations only’-based stand-up tour.”

Outside of making a name for herself as an undisputable queen of stand-up, Leggero has appeared on shows like Chelsea Lately, Drunk History, Comedy Central Roasts and Inside Amy Schumer. Most recently, has drawn acclaim for the raucous fake reality show she co-created and co-stars in, Another Period. Her hubby, meanwhile, has made his way to the upper echelons of the stand-up world and appeared in shows like Whitney, Shameless and, along with his blushing bride, Another Period. In 2012, he also released his widely celebrated memoir Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16.

Shortly before this lovey-dovey twosome headed out on the road for the Honeymoon Tour, they chatted to about life as newlyweds, their plans to have sex for the first time ever and a pansexual character named Pig Bottom.

Congratulations on getting hitched! How is married life?
MOSHE: It’s crazy. I’ll tell you one thing, things have changed. For example, we used to have sex—huh-huh-huh that’s over! I’ll tell you that! Out the window!
NATASHA: It’s exactly the same as not being married.
MOSHE: Yes, it’s exactly the same as not being married except there’s not an escape hatch. It feels more permanent, in a good way. It feels like, this is life!
NATASHA: The door’s open, Moshe. You can walk out anytime you want.

How did this tour came about? Is it this actually your honeymoon?
MOSHE: Well, no. We went on a real honeymoon. But you know, Natasha created this show Another Period that takes place in Newport, Rhode Island, at the turn of the century and I’m a producer on that show as well—
NATASHA: And an actor!
MOSHE: Yes, yes, yes. So we went to Newport on a research trip before the second season and we found out about this couple: an incredibly wealthy Gilded Age couple that went on a 15-year honeymoon and came back from their honeymoon with like two children, the wife was dead, whatever. The point is that we thought we could extend our honeymoon. Who’s to say how long a honeymoon is? So we thought we would do a tour where we went to the greatest destinations in the entire Western United States, and also Tucson. And I say to the fine people of Tucson, somebody had to be in the punch line. It could’ve been Albuquerque but it just happened to be you. But we love you and we want you to come.
NATASHA: And at least you’re not Phoenix.
MOSHE: And honestly for us, that show cannot come Tu-scon.

Speaking of the Gilded Age, did you know that the original Vanderbilt, Cornelius Vanderbilt, actually had more money than America did at the time when he died? Because there were no taxes yet.
MOSHE: You know, at the end of this tour we’re hoping to have possibly more money than we had when we started the tour.
NATASHA: Were spending all of our tour money on hotels.
MOSHE: I wish that were completely a joke. It’s not a joke. It’s the truth. We’re a classic couple! We fight about money. You know how it is!

Watch your wallet—she might want to go shopping!
MOSHE: I’m so glad you said something, because one thing I’ve noticed being a married man is that my wife likes to shop! She loves shoes! It’s like, I’m sorry, do you have 40 feet or two?
NATASHA: This is why I want to have kids: because Moshe’s so good at dad humor.

Maybe every joint tour is life-stage focused. The next one is post-kids?
MOSHE: Yeah, we’ll update it for our kids. We’ll be like, “My kids are so lit! They are so woke!”

How does the billing of the tour go? Who goes first and who headlines?
MOSHE: Everyone has had this same question and the answer is very simple: The man headlines. It’s obvious. [pause] No, we switch off every night.

There’s a photo from what looks like your wedding where you’re both standing on a balcony above your guests, holding up a sheet that reads “She’s A Virgin!” written in hopefully fake blood. Can you tell me a bit about that?
MOSHE: Yeah, that was at our wedding. That was the one funny moment of our wedding. We didn’t want to do bits because there’s nothing less funny than a wedding with bits—you know, those choreographed dances and stuff. But we did think, “Oh it would be a little weird to not do one funny thing.” So that’s where that sheet came from. Also it came from the fact that we fucked through a sheet in order to show that she was a virgin.

Where did you guys meet? What’s the cute story behind this union?
MOSHE: We don’t have a cute story. We met doing stand-up comedy.
NATASHA: It was a business transaction through our parents.
MOSHE: You know how they say in America—a relationship starts at a boil and cools. In the comedy scene, arranged marriages start cool but they work their way up to boil and so we’re hoping that this honeymoon is gonna get us to boiling. We still haven’t actually had sex.

There’s a lot of pressure on this tour then.
MOSHE: Well you know, sex is best with a lot of pressure. I’ve heard that guys perform really well when there’s a lot of pressure.

Is Another Period the first show you guys have worked on together?
NATASHA: No, we have a web series called Tubbin with ‘Tash and it’s a talk show where I interview people in my hot tub and I’m accompanied by Pig Bottom.
MOSHE: That’s me.
NATASHA: My pansexual cohost. I don’t know if you at Playboy know what pansexual means?
MOSHE: It means that I’ll fuck anything that I can cook in a pan. So I’ll fuck pasta, I’ll fuck some vegetables. But if it’s a roast, if it’s some chicken, I’m not fucking that.

You’ll both be returning in June for Another Period season two on Comedy Central?
NATASHA: Yes. Very excited about it!

That’s a pretty incredible cast of funny people you all work with.
NATASHA: Yeah, Moshe showed me the Wikipedia page for Another Period and when you read it, it’s just such a crazy show. There’s just so many elements to it. I’m really excited that we got to make it exist.

How did you and (co-creator/co-star) Ricki Lindholm come up with the idea for the show?
NATASHA: Ricki and I were just trying to brainstorm on how to create our own show and I had an idea about the turn of the century but it wasn’t really funny and I also had an idea about a fake reality show that takes place now. Ricki said, “Why don’t we combine those two things?” We came up with this idea of a fake reality show, taking place in the Gilded Age, and then we went to Newport, Rhode Island, and got so inspired by all the stories that really happened there. It kind of just started to write itself once we started to learn about all of the history.

Moshe, you have your own show coming down the pipeline too, yeah? Called Problematic for Comedy Central?
MOSHE: Oh, well I taped a pilot for Comedy Central. It just was Tuesday night that we taped it and we’re just waiting to see what happens.

Can you talk a little bit about it?
MOSHE: Well, what I can say is that it deals with the controversial issues of outrage culture, and that we’re trying to create a new form of television, which is comedic, issue-driven daytime. It’s not daytime, but the spiritual godfather of the show is Phil Donahue. I mean, I’m in love with him. I think he’s the best. That’s as much as I can say and I just really hope that it comes to fruition. The thing we made on Tuesday was really special and I don’t think anything like it is not only on TV but has ever been on TV.

And as if you all didn’t have enough plates spinning at once, Natasha is also appearing on the new Showtime series Dice, starring Andrew Dice Clay. What was that like?
NATASHA: It was really fun. Working with Andrew Dice Clay was so cool. I’ve always admired him. And how many people get to hang out with Andrew Dice Clay in Vegas for a week?