Uncharted series protagonist Nathan Drake is supposed to have hung up the life of a globe-trotting Indiana Jones-esque thief who is constantly nearly getting himself killed in burning buildings, train wrecks, and sinking ships.

But apparently it’s sure hard to break your adrenaline addiction, even after getting married, and especially when your adrenaline junkie brother shows up with the score of a lifetime.

That seems to be the broad strokes of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, as revealed in the newly released story trailer for the upcoming game. Sounds like Nate’s bro, Sam, might have some problems of the “They’re going to break my legs if I don’t come up with the money” persuasion, and despite objections from Nate’s wife Elena, it’s back to being nearly killed by literally thousands of guys with automatic weapons in the next Uncharted game.

So good news! You’ll be back in the shoes of Nate Drake, adventure-seeking treasure hunter, with that cool ripped shirt and sweet gun holster. But bad news: You’ll also be inheriting Nate’s crumbling marriage and crippling intimacy issues. Good luck!