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What Nationality Produces the Hottest People?

Look, different people like different things. Everyone has their own preferences and no one should be judged on what they’re attracted to. Some like big girls, some like small girls. Some like short girls, some like tall girls. I swear, I didn’t mean to turn into Dr.Seuss just there.

Just because we like different things, doesn’t mean we can’t collect data and quantify it in order to rank what nationalities are found the most attractive. That’s exactly what Miss Travel, the top dating site for people who love traveling, went and did.

Here are the top results for the guys:

Sexiest Nationalities for Men 1. Irish – 7,862
2. Australian – 6,486
3. Pakistani – 4,761
4. American – 2,909
5. English – 2,133
6. Scottish – 1,554
7. Italian – 905
8. Nigerian – 721
9. Danish – 670
10. Spanish – 598

And here are the top picks for the ladies:

Sexiest Nationalities for Women 1. Armenian – 5,971 2. Barbadian/Bajan – 4,036 3. American – 3,402 4. Colombian – 2,741 5. English – 2,006 6. Australian – 1,040 7. Brazilian – 992 8. Filipino – 651 9. Bulgarian – 429 10. Lebanese – 323

It’s a little bit surprising that Armenian tops the list by such a landslide. I wonder why that is…


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