Well, that was easy. Only two days after Deadline reported that NBC was revving up a series based on Cameron Crowe’s classic 1989 teen romance Say Anything, the network has squashed the project entirely thanks to a strongly worded objection-as-tweet from Crowe himself.

Once name-checked, Say Anything star John Cusack chimed in on Crowe’s side and in his particular kooky way:

While it’s a bit disturbing that NBC would even conceive of updating a film so closely associated with a writer-director without that person’s involvement — though they were legally within their rights to do so — it’s nice to see that the network knows better than to proceed once Crowe has denied his blessing.

It’s also refreshing to see that Crowe (Almost Famous) understands that not everything needs to be updated for millennials — or whatever — and is in no hurry to trade endlessly on his previous accomplishments. If only others were ready to let the past go as easily.