Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, bless his heart, has done more to advance the notion that science is cool for young people than anyone else since fellow Science Guy Bill Nye. The TV host is supremely corny, but super lovable, and if anyone else tried to lecture us about some of the things that molecules do—which is literally the title of a Cosmos episode—we’d resist. But deGrasse Tyson makes dense, heady topics seem dope; without him in our lives, I’d wager that far fewer than 1 million people would have recently taken to the streets to March For Science.

So thank you, Neil deGrasse Tyson. As your reward for Making Science Cool Again, the Asheville Brewing Company in North Carolina would like to brew a beer in your honor. Can you guess what it’s called? I bet you can, because you’re very smart. It’s called Bier LemonGrass Tyson, and it’s a white ale infused with lemongrass and coriander that sounds a lot like your name.

The brewery is releasing the beer next Tuesday to celebrate deGrasse Tyson coming to town to speak at Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. It’ll only be available on draft at the brewery, and in a few 22-ounce bottles at local drinking establishments. Per a press release, a dollar for every pint and bottle sold will go to the new Asheville Museum of Science.

He’s on record as being a noted beer fan, and told National Geographic that his favorite brews are German wheats and Belgians. Asheville heard the call loud and clear, and so fused the two styles and dry-hopped the result with a kind of hops called “Galaxy.” Because, you know, astrophysics and stuff.