Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka just got invited to the freak show—and their appearances are bound to break the internet.

The recent newlyweds will guest-star together on FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show, but exact details of the roles they will be playing has been pretty tight-lipped (considering AHS is pretty much a secret society.) Harris will play a “chameleon salesman” in the last two episodes of the season and Burtka “has a sexy storyline” with Jessica Lange (because anything with Lange is going to be sexy) and will appear in the finale. And true to Barney Stinson, Harris will probably be rocking a rocking a suit.

Rumors of show creator Ryan Murphy casting Harris on the show started back in July when he told Harris in a now-deleted tweet, “I have a role I think you’d love.” Harris first worked with Murphy on set of Glee, where he sang a pretty decent cover of Aereosmith’s “Dream On.”

And since every episode of AHS this season has included some sort of musical theatrics (which not everyone has enjoyed ), there’s a slight chance Harris will break out into a musical number. And you can bet the web will implode when that happens, especially if he does a duet with Lange or three breasted woman Angela Basssett. Lange already topped iTunes charts with her cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Gods and Monsters” so, the The How I Met Your Mother star and Lange could be quite the unstoppable force.

But is it just me, or has this show turned into a fucked-up mashup of Moulin Rouge, Hairspray and every horror movie on this list?

Nicole Theodore is a digital intern at Playboy. The only musical talent she can brag about is knowing how to play the recorder.