Some wonderful nerd with way too much time and lotion on his hands has graphed the body measurements of the 100 most popular adult starlets.

Bust size, BMI, height, and hip-to-waist ratio were all included in the report, which has absolutely no practical purpose whatsoever, but still goes into painstaking detail. For example, here’s the entry on bust size:

I learned a lot about bra sizes while researching this. For example, I learned that cup size is not an absolute measurement; a 32C bra might be nearly the same as a 34B, despite both the band (the chest at either the ribs or above the breasts) and the cup being different. But I couldn’t find a good formula to quantize that. Women’s clothing seems to be very magical when it comes to sizing. In the end I decided just to go with straight cup size even though it’s not a 100% perfect picture of breast size.

The largest was Hitomi Tanaka, whose breasts are so large, and her band so small, it wasn’t even clear that she had an official size. Boobpedia gives several conflicting measurements, as a crowd of people who have glimpsed Bigfoot will. In the end I was led to her Instagram page, where she’d posted a picture of her tag for curious fans. It’s 32N in U.S. measurements, 32JJ in British.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

While the information provided in the report is completely useless, it’s still a lot of fun to read. And it’s also a great way to find new actresses to add to your “rotation.”

The site itself is pretty bare bones. It doesn’t even seem to have a home page, and it seems like it might be some sort of SEO scam. But regardless, it’s provided a fun waste of time to procrastinating perverts everywhere.