It’s midnight in your home. You have just put the kids to bed and all is quiet. You scroll through your phone, laughing at some funny pictures that Todd from marketing posted, until you hear an omnious whirring sound. Something is making its way across the floor. You look down only fast enough to have a dart hit you in the eyelid, and for your son to laugh at your terrified, slack-jawed face. For all you know, you were about to murdered in your sleep by a futuristic robot gone rogue. No need to worry; it was only the Nerf N-Strike-Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster, and your semi-psycho son cackling at you.

The N-Strike Elite is a small Nerf tank that can fire the famous foam darts. Using a remote control with a small embedded screen, you can aim the blaster with the help of an attached camera.

The tank, which can hold 18 darts, has all-terrain tank treads for multiple battle environments and an angling gun for artillery striking. It’ll set you back $229.99 from Toys R Us. Clearly Nerf is eyeing the extremely lucrative holiday season for the innovative toy, which appears like one of the horrifying HK-Tanks from the Terminator movies.

The question is, are you willing to pay the other price… the price of further selling your soul to our adorable robot overlords?