I don’t know about you, but any time I’d play with my Hot Wheels cars, I’d spend a majority of the time constructing stunts and epic crashes. Problem was (well, at least according to my mom), Hot Wheels are hard, die-cast metal that can shoot your eye out, kid.

Enter indoor-friendly Nerf, who just announced Nerf Nitro, a set of 48 Hot Wheels-sized foam vehicles that will be available this summer. They’re not the super-soft foam you’d expect from Nerf, but something harder to give you some decent gravity during those colossal accidents. They’re meant to be fired from a gun-shaped launcher and they come in five different kits that include obstacles and trick devices.

The $50 “Motofury Rapid Rally” set, for instance, includes tire stacks, two launchers, ramps and nine cars. If you’re looking to just test the waters, the “Throttleshot Blitz” package can be had for just $10. That one includes a launcher, one car and two tire stacks.

Unlike Hot Wheels or similar mini car play sets, Nerf Nitro isn’t a track-based affair. In fact, the company says that this new toy is meant to be used indoors among your home’s furniture and found objects, just like most of us did anyway. In this case there’s no risk of smashing that vase from Italy or injuring your sister. Not that I’d know anything about either of those.

Nerf has their eyes on social media with Nitro, too. They’re quite aware of the popularity of indoor (and outdoor) Nerf hacks on YouTube, and they hope that Nitro will result in similar social media hits.

“We feel like this is something where you could imagine kids setting up their own stunts, making their own videos,” Nerf exec Michael Ritchie told Vice.

Yes, this toy is for kids. It’ll just be kids playing with these things. Totally. No adults. Ahem.