As soon as I saw that Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 had a five-star rating, I never trusted Netflix’s rating system. I refuse to waste an hour and a half of my life watching Kevin James try.

If your feelings about Netflix’s rating system match mine, you’ll be pleased to discover that, on Wednesday, Netflix announced that they’ll be retiring their five-star system and will replace it with a Tinder-esque thumbs-up, thumbs-down approach.

Five-star ratings will be exchanged for a personalized “match score” percentage based on Netflix’s analysis of individual viewing habits, opposed to an overall popularity rating across the service. If you’re the one person on this planet not watching Strangers Things, you will no longer find your Netflix account trying to shove the show down your throat. As soon as you click thumbs-down, the program will be removed from your curated homepage. Finally.

Netflix will keep the system in place, users just won’t be able to add to or influence the rating. Some may have already witnessed the new protocol early last year, as Netflix has been testing their percentage ratings in January 2016. The test revealed a 200 percent increase in ratings activity, a testament to how much influence the simplicity and emergence of dating apps have on our society.

Think about it: the introduction of dating apps have opened singles up to boundless options that were never accessible before, Netflix has done the same for movies and television. It makes sense then that Netflix would adopt a simpler algorithm to match the success of other, similar services.

“The more you teach us about your unique tastes, the better job we can do suggesting your next great binge-worthy show or that perfect title for movie night,” Cameron Johnson wrote in a post on the Netflix blog.

These changes are planned to be implemented Thursday. So be sure to hit thumbs-up the next time you watch something you enjoy; you may be one step closer to your next binge-worthy match.

See Netflix’s new rating system in action below.