Laziness can be a very powerful impulse. It was laziness that once drove me to click the button that allows one to easily sign up for Spotify using his/or Facebook account. For those unaware, doing so means suddenly sharing your every musical whim with your countless contacts — from Weezy to the Rugrats soundtrack — at least until you find the button that lets you go private.

In a surprisingly thoughtful gesture, the good people at Netflix have all but disabled this feature. You can still link your Facebook account to your Netflix account. But, as of today, the result will not be an unqualified dissemination of your every ill-advised, bleary-eyed, late night-to-early morning viewing choice to every person with an avatar you deem “Friend.” Instead, you get to choose with whom you share what material.

So, yeah, go ahead and watch A Room In Rome for the sixth time — and tell exactly no one if that’s what you want.

(from Associated Press)