It hasn’t been enough, apparently, for Netflix to radically disrupt how we watch TV, so now the massive entertainment company has decided to enter another increasingly crowded industry: marijuana. In a promotional stunt tied to its umpteenth new series of the year, the Kathy Bates-starrer Disjointed, the streaming titan released strains of cannabis inspired by its signature shows.

Disjointed, a Chuck Lorre-produced sitcom that premiered on August 25 to savage reviews, is about a weed-loving woman who decides to open her own L.A. dispensary. If it has already faded from collective consciousness sometime this week, it follows countless original series that pop up on Netflix’s home screen for a few fleeting hours, only to suddenly vanish like the high from a quick bong hit. So in an attempt to take advantage of the show’s limited window, Netflix launched a pop-up shop in Hollywood over the weekend to unveil its new offerings, according to Variety.

Three of the indica-dominant strains were inspired by Disjointed: the Omega Strain, Eve’s Bush, and Rutherford B. Haze, some of which may be plays on Disjointed characters, but one of which is definitely a tribute to the 19th President of the United States. (Come to think of it, a Netflix show about post-Civil War Reconstruction sounds infinitely more interesting than a sitcom about Kathy Bates growing pot.)

As for the other comedy strains, there’s Camp Firewood, a Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later” indica; Prickly Muffin, which pairs best with Bojack Horseman; Banana Stand Kush, courtesy of Arrested Development, and Vodkush in honor of Chelsea Handler’s late-night series Chelsea, which I guarantee you had forgotten even existed until this very moment.

Netflix also developed sativa-heavy strains based on Grace and Frankie (Peyotea 73), Lady Dynamite (Sassafras OG), Santa Clarita Diet (Baka Bile), Orange Is the New Black (Poussey Riot), and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Moon 13).

The bad news: Netflix only made the strains available at its pop-up over the weekend. But one can hope that Reed Hastings and co. will try more drug-themed promotional tie-ins in the future. We can only guess what they have planned for the premiere of Narcos this Friday.