No American city has seen the same kind of adversity Boston has this side of the rise of the National Security era. In that struggle, a population more than 4 million strong found the necessary courage and sheer power of will to pick up, pay credence and keep on fighting. This year, for that reason, there’s no better place to celebrate the vitality and endurance of the American spirit on July 4th than the City of Champions. The Boston Tea Party, the city’s most infamous historical event, was more political than social, but we’ll take that party bit and run with it, horizon to horizon, so long as we have something strong brewing to keep us going.6 P.M. - The Ames Hotel

Few cities in this shining country have streets more history-lined than Boston’s, life spring of dissent against British rule that it was, centuries—and a couple of revolutions—ago. The city’s architecture displays this lineage, and the Ames Hotel is a premium example: housed in the 120-year-old Ames building (the city’s first skyscraper) this unique boutique shows its roots with pride, providing patrons with stately rooms that somehow straddle modern and Victorian, so you’ll wake up feeling regal in your king-size. 8 P.M. - Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

Just because it’s a melting pot doesn’t mean America isn’t full of flavor, and the slow creep of specialty bars has provided Boston with a slew of tequila houses to sip in. Red hearts meet at Lolita for high-end renditions of Mexican street eats—we like the carne asada sliders: marinated beef grilled rare, sliced thin and dressed with spicy aioli—and a range of tequila and mescal to fit your bill. They’ve got a roster of house margaritas if you’re wary, but Lolita’s Tequila Flights (liquid tasting menus, essentially) are the business.10 P.M. - The Hawthorne

After a brief detour from the local terrain, jump back into the colonial vein with craft cocktails at The Hawthorne. Housed in the Hotel Commonwealth, The Hawthorne is decked out like your old-moneyed friend’s loft, though you won’t feel the least bit poshed out. The bar staff is renowned for their good manners and wicked good mixology. We won’t make any recommendations; The Hawthorne puts out a new list of custom concoctions weekly. But don’t fear, your favorite is always available by request.1 A.M. - Rise Nightclub

Toss a few back in reverence to Boston’s British-colonial past and then head on to a more Eurotrash locale. Rise is friendly in lieu of fancy, and it’s a totally unique blip in the Boston nightlife radar. Alcohol cut-off or not, the staff will keep Boston’s best EDM pumping until the sun peeks over the horizon, fueled by the love of dance, or something like that. But beware: the later you stay the weirder it gets. Happy trailing! (Photograph courtesy of TogetherBoston on Flickr).6 A.M. - South Street Diner

Keep on creepin’ on: as the new day dawns, drag yourself to the South Street Diner for food from a menu that’s probably been the same since the place opened in 1947, housed in what looks like an old train car. South Street is always open, so like anything that never sleeps, shit gets a little weird after a while, patronage included. Literally the only place you’ll dine under blue light surrounded by fellow night owls. Boston Strange. Photograph courtesy of JohnStephenDwyer on Flickr).