We’ve been through a lot this year, so whether it’s to toast in a new year or drown your sorrows of the past 12 months in bubbly glasses of champagne, here are the places you should be hitting up to make your first night of 2013 a good one. New York City – Dream Downtown’s NYE Party New York City on New Year’s is full of lines that go nowhere, crying girls on the street and, hey, is that your buddy from college puking in the alleyway? Probably. Skip Times Square for a more upscale evening over at Dream Downtown, where the cities hottest girls are set to take over the place for the entire night. Really, we’ve been sitting here trying to rack our brains for a better answer to the question “What did you do on New Year’s?” around the water cooler, and we can’t think of anything. Ringing in the new year with some of America’s hottest girls is without a doubt unbeatable, no matter how debaucherous your coworkers’ nights may have been. More info here. Las Vegas - Moon Nightclub with Questlove, Jazzy Jeff, Travis Barker and more Photo courtesy of: Facebook If there was one DJ we would travel the world to see, it would have to be Questlove, the drummer of The Roots and house band to Jimmy Fallon. We’ve seen him turn dead and dreary nightclubs into the talk of the town with one fell swoop of his fingers hitting the turntables. Moon Nightclub will be throwing an all-weekend NYE party that will carry on until the ball drops on Monday. Famed R&B disc jockey DJ Jazzy Jeff will also be spinning with Questlove, Iggy Azalea will be hosting her own party on Saturday and Travis Barker will be partying all the way into 2013 with Yelawolf alongside a packed crowd at Rain Nightclub. Doesn’t that lineup sound way better than catching a magic show and a free buffet at the casino? We think so. More info here. Los Angeles - The Edison New Year’s Ball ** Photo courtesy of: Facebook Have you ever partied in the luxurious lounge built within the depths of the first private power plant in Los Angeles? Did you even know this place existed? The wild partiers over at The Edison will be throwing a huge cabaret ball in their incredible digs, which promises to be unparalleled by any other party in Los Angeles thanks to their all-night “eclectic Eccentriques” burlesque performances, their array of artisanal cocktails and the incredibly luminous regulars. Dress code is mandatory, so dust off those dapper duds and dancing shoes for an unforgettable night beneath historic downtown Los Angeles. More info here. **Chicago – The Aviary Upscale cocktail bar The Aviary will be hosting its first ever New Year’s Eve party this year, but be warned: their invitations note that despite their refined menu, this is not a party to invite your in-laws to. Each ticket will include a ten-course cocktail menu paired with appetizers, magicians, sideshow performers, belly dancers, live cabaret music and more. It kind of sounds like a Stefon sketch from SNL, but that’s kind of what we like about it. Seating is limited, so check their Facebook now. More info here.