Indianapolis is one of the biggest party places to be in America this week thanks to Super Bowl XLVI. We’re not sure if the capital of Indiana is usually over run with liquor infused body painted super fans and their scantily clad companions, but there are a few places we found that cater perfectly for this demographic. We hope your pockets are lined with gold; many bars and restaurants have taken advantage of the Super Bowl pilgrimage and hiked their prices up.

1 P.M. Tomlinson Tap Room

Located in the local farmers market, the Tomlinson Tap Room is one of the greatest hidden gems of Indianapolis. Strictly serving the best Indiana craft beer by the pint or by the growler (that’s .5 gallons of beer), this charming little tavern isn’t for any sissy. Drinking a huge vat of beer while watching the gorgeous ‘eat local girls’ trot from vendor to vendor in the farmers market is the perfect way to pass the afternoon. If you’re around the Tap Room on a Thursday, be sure to stop in and take advantage of their 10 dollar growler, it’s one hell of a deal!

3 P.M. Revolucion

(Courtesy of: Revolucion)

After you have at least a liter of beer in your belly and a couple of local girls hanging off of you, head over to cheap beer haven Revolucion to dine on their authentic tacos. Between their Day of the Dead décor on the inside and the wacky tiki bar out back (if it’s closed, you’ll have to take our word for it), you’ll have no choice but to give into the urge to throw back a couple of rounds of tequila shots. Be sure to slather your mid-day snack with their pink death hot sauce, it’s perfect with their smoky, pulled meat tacos.

5 P.M. Food Trucks

(Courtesy of: West Coast Tacos)

Did those teeny tacos leave you ravenous? Touch up your warrior makeup and head on down to Super Bowl central located downtown in Monument Circle. Located just south of the huge Roman Numerals (resist the urge to scale) you will find a cluster of the best food trucks Indianapolis has to offer. Our favorite is run by Edwards Drive-In’s Dashboard Diner that serves up 1/3 lb. cheeseburgers, Hoosier Chili and their breaded tenderloin, famed by the popular show Man vs. Food.

8 P.M. High Velocity

(Courtesy of: High Velocity)

High Velocity, a state of the art sports bar in the JW Marriott, is equipped with dozens of flat screen televisions, including a huge LCD TV for each table along the perimeter of the bar. Watching the game in the 21st century has never been so good. We admit that we’re more drawn to this place for the gimmicky tech atmosphere, the food served here is nothing to scoff at if you’re still hungry after your food truck feast. There is a good mix of beer on tap and bottle and are not shy about serving a bottle of Red Bull with, say, a couple of shots of vodka on the side.

11 P.M. Average Joe’s

(Courtesy of: Average Joe’s)

If you’re looking for a sports bar that is constantly packed with rowdy sports fans, Average Joe’s Sports Pub is your place. The ceiling, walls and bar overflow with tons of sports memorabilia and televisions to gawk at while you push your way through the crowd to order a domestic pint. There’s nothing too fancy about this place, but it’s the perfect location to drink well beyond the means of necessity. Just like your favorite sports bar at home.

??? Peppy Grill

(Courtesy of: Yelp)

It was hard for us to not give into eating at one of the many Denny’s that populate Indianapolis after leaving our many drinking partners at Average Joe’s. What kept us strong willed was talk of a diner in Fountain Square that was so greasy and satisfying we had to suck it up and wait; Peppy Grill did not disappoint. Serving breakfast 24/7 as well as aregular diner menu ($4 hamburger and chips plate) the cultural experience and low priced meals are more of a reason to go than their subpar food. But hey, it’s a greasy spoon that caters to bar folk so no complaints here.