Long Beach. The LBC. Home to Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Lou Dog, Bo Dog and Nicholas Cage.* A vast and diverse beach world where the party starts early and on some nights never stops. At just a 30 minute drive from the heart of L.A., it’s a quick escape to the coast and a slower pace.

**Nate Dogg and Lou Dog are both dead, Bo Dog is our affectionate name for Bo Derek and it is debatable as to whether Nicholas Cage still owns property there. Or anywhere for that matter. *

6:23 P.M. District Wine

(Courtesy districtwine.com)

Once one of the best kept secrets in Long Beach, District Wine has shed its reputation as up-and-comer and taken the spotlight as the premiere wine bar in the county. And rightfully so; lacking all pretensions and manned by a friendly and knowledgeable wait staff not requiring you to know whether a wine has legs, this place fits the laid back Long Beach bill, perfect for both the first timer and the aficionado looking to get their night underway.

8:45 P.M. Up Lounge

(Courtesy theskyroom.com)

Upward mobility is an early evening trend here on Never Sleeps; we like to get warmed up in a town’s classiest joints before descending into its (albeit best) dives. In Long Beach there is no higher point then Up Lounge, a chic, small space located on top of the Sky Room. A sort of closed in Aegean balcony with a panoramic view of the city, Up Lounge, like District Wine, offers more of the relaxed atmosphere common to California but with the added bonus of the state’s other great commodity: beautiful women. In droves, always friendly, well dressed and looking to dance.

10:01 P.M. Cohibas

(Courtesy cohibaslongbeach.com)

With the four or five flights from Happy Hour wearing off and after collecting a small entourage to follow you from Up, move the party over to the aptly dubbed Cohiba Club. A dance floor on the first level, a cigar bar on the second, Cohiba is the perfect mid-night crossroads. Whether you’re ready to get down or sit back and relax with a cigar and scotch, Cohiba offers both with pool tables to boot. Fair warning: the bartenders, as hospitable as they may be, make a stiff drink.

11:34 P.M. Café Sevilla

(Courtesy sevillanightclub.com)

One part restaurant, two parts nightclub, Sevilla is a split level ensemble with a Latin-American vibe and Go-Go dancers. Go-Go dancers in cages above the bar and roaming freely among the patrons. Go-Go dancers everywhere. The spacious, multicolored main room is built for people watching from the clubs many tables and did we mention there are Go-Go dancers?

1:02 A.M. 49’rs Tavern

(Courtesy of 49'rs)

So here you are standing outside the dilapidated ruins of an old pale green haunt wondering what exactly it was you read on Playboy about this bar? Fear not faithful reader; 49’rs exterior is to ward away tourists from Long Beach’s premier dive. What makes a dive premier you might ask: is it a pool table too big for the room in which it is housed? Is it a collection of board games tucked away behind the bar and available upon request? Is it beer by the schooner? Old school beer ads on the wall and peanuts on the floor? At least one old guy telling the best stories, hordes of college girls coming and going as they please and what seems like a never-ending baseball game on TV? If you answered yes to any of the above then 49’rs is for you.

2:21 A.M. LBC House Party

Shop closes up early in Long Beach (around 2am) which as we know is far from the end of the night that Never Sleeps. Luckily, you’ve just stumbled from ‘Niner and somewhere right around the corner is the crowning achievement of Long Beach nightlife: the house party. With California State calling Long Beach home, these are numerous and occasionally (read: usually) wild sort of affairs. We know you’re still dressed like you came from District Wine/Up Lounge (you did) but just grab a cup, challenge some ‘bros’ to beer pong and tell some good looking women you’re a lawyer.