Home of the stars, glossy gossip magazines and reality TV shows, it is no surprise that Los Angeles boasts on of the most lavish nightlifes. Despite the high amount of A to D list celebrities, athletes and socialites stumbling out of fine establishments, it’s hard for LA foreigners to keep up with the late night club scene when the hottest places to be seen change bi-weekly. Thankfully, these six places have proved time and time again as fixtures of the home of the silver screen.

1 P.M. The Cabana Club Café

Courtesy of: The Beverly Hills Hotel

Lounging by the pool drinking glass after glass of champagne at The Cabana Club Café is quite possibly the most relaxing way to let an entire afternoon slip by. Between the view, supplied by the gorgeous girls of Beverly Hills, the exemplary wait staff of The Beverly Hills Hotel, and the conversations you can’t help but eavesdrop in on, it’s easy to understand why this place has always been the go to place for breakfast lunch and mid-day drinks for Hollywood’s most iconic names.

4 P.M. Bar Marmont

Courtesy of: Chateau Marmont

If you’re still in a daze from all of the bubbly and the star-sightings by the pool, keep your LA buzz going by hailing a cab and heading to Bar Marmont. From the outside you may feel a bit intimidated, but this quaint hip bar is nothing to shy away from. Just be sure not to gawk too much if you see any A-listers, this is the place that they go when they just want to mix in with the rest of us and enjoy a cocktail. If you’re feeling peckish, Executive Chef Carolynn Spence, once the Chef de Cuisine at famed restaurant The Spotted Pig in New York, has created an exemplary European inspired menu you can order off of from the bar.

6:30 P.M. Church & State Bistro

Courtesy of: Flickr

Wedged between the industrial buildings of downtown Los Angeles, Church & State has been a go to place for foodies, wine lovers and people who are seen at the hottest ‘it’ places in the city. But be warned! Church & State has menus that change with the season and oysters served by mobile raw food Maître Écailler Christophe Happillon on Tuesday nights so your meal may cost you a pretty penny once paired with one or two bottles of wine. While the ambiance at night is at times deafening, the food, creative cocktails and comically haughty wait staff make the trip to this restaurant worthy of your time.

9 P.M. Father’s Office

Courtesy of: Flickr

Simple, delicious and gorgeous are three words frequently used to describe Father’s Office, a bar known for trailblazing the gastro pub movement in LA. Its simplistic clean cut design gives the perfect backdrop for any sort of evening you’re having with friends. Be sure to get there early, not only do they serve up an eclectic collection of beer, they’re also known for a killer burger and house rules are first come first serve, which makes it nearly impossible to grab a table during peak hours. If you’re still full from dinner, ask the server for the latest brews on tap as they change regularly.

11 P.M. - The Sayer’s Club

Courtesy of: The Sayer’s Club

Hidden behind a yellow door in Hollywood’s favorite hot dog spot Papaya King, this exclusive club is one of the greatest gems of LA. Acoustically designed in collaboration with famous guitar company Gibson, this dark and sexy bar brings a non-gimmicky façade of old time speakeasy’s to a world that has already legalized the use of alcohol. While The Sayers Club is open to the public, it may be wise to whisper your connections to the door man; they don’t want just anyone waltzing in. But we’re sure a playboy like you won’t have any issues.

2 A.M. Swinger’s Diner

*Courtesy of: *Swingers Diner

A sign that reads*“Please take a menu & seat yourself” *will most likely be the first thing that will greet you at the door at this popular greasy spoon diner. Your eyes will then wander to the groves of people still dressed in their nightclub garb hunched over their plates full of fries and specialty burgers *(if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there’s great burgers here for you too!) *and eventually you’ll s shift your gaze to the Andy Warhol inspired cow wall. There’s nothing this retro diner hasn’t thought of to keep you entertained while waiting for your meal; we like the waitresses in fishnets the best!