If you’re ever in the gorgeous city of Montreal you will most likely find yourself staying downtown, raiding the dépanneurs for cheap beer, heading to the Old Port for an expensive meal and shopping in the “underground city” that connects over five malls and seven of the central metro stations. But is this how the residents of this wild and crazy city live? If you’re looking for an authentic experience in the francophone metropolis that never sleeps, hit up these hotspots that will guarantee you an unforgettable night full of women, food and beer.

4 P.M. Suite 701 Lounge

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Start your night off with a bit of class at the Suite 701 Lounge located in the Old Port. If you’re visiting during the summer, be sure to grab a seat on their rooftop terrace which gives you a breathtaking view of the city. A stylish and trendy atmosphere, exemplary bar service and in house DJ set the tone for the calm before the Montreal nightlife storm.

5:30 P.M. Dieu du Ciel!

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The first place to hit up outside of your downtown comfort zone is Dieu du Ciel. It’s not because it’s the best bar on this list, it’s because this micro-brewery can get packed with locals by the end of the night so the earlier you snag yourself a table, the better. Some of their seasonal beers are brewed on location, which keeps their tap menu constantly changing. If you fall in love with a particular type, most varieties are sold around Montreal so you’ll be able to bring your newfound favorite brew home with you.

7 **P.M.Chez Serge**

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If you find yourself thirsty for more drinks, stop by Chez Serge. It’s the perfect place to ride a mechanical bull for free, watch girls dance on the bar and catch a Montreal Canadiens game on one of the big screens. Part night club, part sports bar and part heaven, this place is a must see for any traveler that is ready to party like a true francophone. Oh, and if you’re feeling like you could have another beer, order one of their “mixed drink buckets” which is served in a child size beach pail.

*9 P.M. Les Trois Petits Bouchon *

(Courtesy of Les Trois Petits Bouchon)

If you happen to make it out of Chez Serge at a reasonable hour or have thought far enough in the future to make reservations, head over to Les Trois Petit Bouchon for a glass of wine from their impeccable wine list and dine on some of the best dishes this side of Montreal has to offer. From oysters to tartine de champignon, there is something for everyone to try on the menu. A dinner for two before tax, tip and beverage can cost anywhere from $45-$80 dollars, which makes this subterranean eatery easy on anyone’s pocket.

12 A.M. Bily Kun

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Ready for another alcoholic pick-me-up? Of course you are. While it may be tempting to check out the other bars along Mount Royal and St. Denis, you really should wander up to Bar Bily Kun for a glass of gin and tonic or, if you’re so inclined, a glass of Absinthe that they have behind the bar. Cozy, quaint and decorated by busts of ostriches, how could you not enjoy a drink here?

2 A.M. La Rockette

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If you’re feeling rowdy and are up for mingling with local hipsters, punks, club girls and normals then head on over to La Rockette. The DJ at this pool hall/bar/dance floor hybrid will be spinning an old Libertines song one minute and be blasting the latest dance club hit the next. It’s the perfect place to impulsively buy an entire pitcher to drink yourself, dance with your friends, and end your bender with a bang.

??? La Banquise

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No matter what time you stumble out of wherever you have ended up in the city, you must go to La Banquise to end your night. Serving up possibly the best poutine in the city 24 hours a day; this restaurant is always hopping with hungry gravy loving locals chowing down on this disturbingly delicious late night Canadian delicacy. If you haven’t ever tried poutine, we do suggest going for an original but if you’re feeling adventurous, choose from 25 kinds of homemade creations. Their is the mouth burning Poutine Kamikaze, the meat overloaded Poutine T-Rex or their Thanksgiving inspired dish, Poutine Galvaude. If you can dream it, the mixture is on the menu!

1 P.M. Beauty’s and/or Coffee

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Congratulations! You made it through an authentic Montreal night of drinking. It may be 1pm when you wake up from your absinthe/poutine coma, but that’s actually around the time where most locals start crawling out of their homes to grab brunch. Make your way back down to The Plateau and stand in line for some good old fashioned diner breakfast at Beautys; a fixture in the breakfast circuit since 1942. Choose from a variety of greasy spoon breakfast favorites almost always served with ham, sausage and tasty home fries. If you’re too sick to even think of eating or need a coffee before you face the day, walk up the street from Beauty’s to Entre Le Café Et La Plume to grab a coffee made by some of the most talented professional Baristas in town.