We could tell you about all the night clubs holding New Year’s Eve parties, but most have hired cookie cutter DJ’s and marked up their already costly bottle service in the name of exclusivity. And why waste your money on another party like that? We hunted down the eclectic and out of the ordinary parties in every time zone across the country. Who knows what will happen if you choose the road less traveled on a night like New Year’s.

Seattle - Pearl’s 2012 New Year’s Eve Ball

If you like fine dining, the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, showgirls, dancing and bars as far as the eye can see, then you’re definitely going to want to check out Pearl’s 2012 New Year’s Eve Ball. You may think the three course meal that starts the night off would be the highlight, but you’re sorely mistaken. At 8pm the dinner concludes and the 7,000 square foot dining space turns into a multiple dance floor night club.

L.A.- Las Perlas

While everyone is pretending to have a good time in the sardine can of a club up the street, you and your pals can be sipping tequila. Known for their eclectic décor and Mexican finger foods, Las Perlas has created a New Year’s Eve package that’s attainable for any price range. All night long the bar will be serving up $3 Tecates and $5 Cabrito shots and offering table service for those who want to look important. For $250 patrons will receive a table for four which includes one premium tequila bottle with mixers, a round of Tecates for everyone at the table and guaranteed entrance for up to eight people. Unfortunately that also means you will have at least 4 people staring a hole in the back of your head at any given time.

Salt Lake City - EVE

*“New York has a ball that lights up and falls down. So what? wE’VE got non-stop DJ mixing at the Temple of Boom, a no worries Reggae Snowsplash, a blistering sound system in a room full of 2000 humongous bouncy balls, plus comedy, film, and at midnight rockets shoot flames at the moon.” * - EVE.com

While this New Year’s Eve recommendation is more of a given than a suggestion, it would be blasphemous if you didn’t at least check out the three day festival EVE, which takes place from the 29th-31st. From Techno to Blues, party goers can hop around town to catch some of the coolest acts of the year. Tickets are twelve dollars in advance and fifteen at the door.

*Santa Fe - Second Street Brewery *

Second Street Brewery will be holding not one but two New Year’s Eve parties at their microbrewery pubs in Santa Fe. These events may be the only NYE parties in all of America that are not asking for cover charge, so you may as well take advantage of their kindness. With dinner specials, a midnight champagne toast, live music and Second Street beer on tap, who wouldn’t want to ring in the New Year with these kind Santa Fe folk?

Nashville - The 5 Spot

If you’re growing tired of spending every holiday at the Grand Ole Opry, Electric Western Records is throwing a one of a kind 1920s New Years’ experience at The 5 Spot. For a $25 dollar entry fee, flappers and gangsters will Charleston the night away to a live dance band, purchase prohibition era cocktails at the bar and sip on complimentary champagne at the stroke of twelve. Lavishly decorated to appear like a scene straight out of Boardwalk Empire; attendees will also have the chance to snap some shots of with friends in an old timey photo booth.

Dallas - Horne & Dekker

If the club and bar scene isn’t your style or you’re looking to impress a special someone with a new year’s activity that is more subdued, hopefully you find yourself somewhere around Dallas on December 31st. For $65 a head, Horne & Dekker is cooking up some good old fashioned comfort food to ring in the New Year. Guests will receive a four course meal as well as a complimentary glass of champagne with each reservation. Choose wisely on your courses, this will be your last meal of the year!

Miami - Louis

We know we said we were going to stay away from clubs, but let’s be honest. Miami is two parts orange groves, one part old people and three parts night clubs so it’s hard to get away from them unless you want to spend your night building sand castles on the beach beside a sleeping homeless person. Located in the Gansevoort Hotel, the ultra-exclusive nightclub Louis is opening their premium bar from 9pm-1am for $250 a pop. With a world renowned DJ, NYE party favors for all and a midnight champagne toast, this tiny club is just the ticket for a wild night.

Washington - Spirit of Washington Cruise

We have a saying at the Playboy.com office, “If someone asks you to party on a boat, you say yes.” Spirit of Washington Cruises invites you to celebrate the night in style on their New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise starting from $170 per adult. Base price includes a premium open bar, hors d'oeuvres, a full dinner buffet, music, party favors and champagne to toast all of your nautical shipmates at midnight.