Forever penned as The City That Never Sleeps, seeing the best of New York City really depends on who you talk to. You won’t be able to see everything in one visit; New York is chock-full of Michelin Star restaurants, iconic taverns and other great spots that only the locals know about. Nevertheless, we’ve rounded up the perfect day in the Big Apple, suitable for anyone up for a good time.

3 P.M.The Standard Hotel Biergarten

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Located underneath the High Line, The Standard’s Biergarten is the best place in town to day drink, or start your night off with a relaxing atmosphere. Take full advantage of their kitschy German themed drinks, huge pints of beer, gawk at sexy blondes in themed outfits while happily binging on sausages and pretzels. Be sure to challenge your friends to a game of friendly ping pong or, if you’re a betting man, for a couple of drinks. Unlike many other places in the city, this bar is first come first serve so you don’t have to worry about people jumping the line.

5:30 P.M. - Blind Tiger Ale House

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Say goodbye to the girls at the Biergarten and say hello to 28 kinds of beer on tap. It’s swapping one kind of heaven for another. What makes The Blind Tiger such a unique place to grab a pint is the fact that the bar changes their drafts and casks to reflect the season or to highlight a particular brewery/country every single month. Located on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village this place is a beer lover’s haven. It may be hard to leave once you enter, so don’t be upset if you don’t make it anywhere else. Their food menu is exemplary too!

9 P.M. The Hurricane Club

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On Park Avenue at 26th street you’ll find The Hurricane Club serving up upscale Island-themed Tiki food like Pupu platters, tartare, and skewers. If you feel like you’re up for more drinks, this place literally has a “cocktail department” who concocts incredibly outrageous drinks made with high-end ingredients and care. While reservations are are recommended for the Hurricane Club, we promise this dinner spot is one that must be on your list.

11 P.M. The Raines Law Room

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After dining on an exquisite one of a kind meal at The Hurricane Club, you may not want to head on out to a dive bar just yet. For this reason, we suggest hitting up The Raines Law Room, a private neo-speakeasy bar with no sign to let you know where it is; just a doorbell. Once the door opens, visitors are warped back in time with their prohibition era themed design and top notch cocktail menu. With private tables and velvet couches equipped with buzzers to call your waiter, you can choose between The Lounge, The Parlor, The Kitchen or The Garden to enjoy your drinks.

1 A.M. Mister H

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We’re not sure but we think Mister H may have been one of the places in New York that influenced SNL star Bill Hader to develop the character Stephon, the eccentric New York City Correspondent on Weekend Update. When you arrive at the door of the discretely located bar (it’s inside the Mondrian SoHo) you will be greeted by one super handsome doorman and another who is little person with some serious sense of style. Equipped with two gigantic stripper poles heavily used by the most talented dancers in town, you won’t want to leave this wildly gorgeous nightclub. ****

??? Veselka Diner

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Ukrainian dishes may not be on the top of the *‘food you crave when you’re really drunk’ *list, we urge you to turn a blind eye to the illusive (and probably shady ) ‘Best Pizza in Town’ shop on every street corner and head to the East Village to eat at Veselka the 24 hour Ukrainian diner. With rave reviews from The New York Times, New York Magazine and Time Out New York, this 55 year old diner serves up some of the best borscht, Pirogi and sandwiches in the city. If you’re not up for a home cooked Ukrainian specialty, there is also a full breakfast menu and American dishes to choose from.