If you’re in Philly it’s probably due to one of three things:

You’re a huge fan of the Philadelphia EaglesYou really like American HistoryYou’re on a pilgrimage to check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia filming locationsBut, believe it or not, there is more to Philadelphia than you think. This city is bursting with microbreweries, an infinite amount of music venues, unbelievable mom and pop diners, and a fryer obsessed chicken and doughnut shop called Federal Donuts. Without further ado, here are the places to check out if you want to experience the true Philadelphia.

2 P.M. - Tour and tasting of the Philadelphia Brewing Co.

(Courtesy of: philadelphiabrewing.com)

Some say it’s the most underrated part of Philadelphia, but we say it’s a great excuse to start drinking in the morning. Tours are informal, just show up between noon and three, mingle with tourists and staff then jump into a tour that will take you around the brewing building. The guide will teach you all you’ve ever wanted to know about beer brewing and what makes their beer better than the rest. Test this statement with a beer tasting. If you’re buying beer for later, we suggest the Walt Wit and the Pennsylvania Pale Ale.

4:30 PM Barcade

(Courtesy of: Barcadephiladelphia.com)

Now that you’re a whiz on all things micro-brew, we suggest you head on over to the Barcade to test out your new found knowledge on other alcohol sorts. Play some good old fashioned arcade games for only 25 cents; from Paperboy to WWF Wrestlefest this 21+ arcade hall has handpicked 35 of the greatest nostalgia inducers we’ve ever laid our eyes upon. We love how open and warm the bar is, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you forgo the rest of the list to blow your money on all the games, food and brew they have to offer.

7 P.M. Chickie’s & Pete’s

(Courtesy of: chickiesandpetes.com)

The only thing that could get us out of Barcade was the promise of crab legs, football and well, more beer. While Chickie’s & Pete’s has become a huge food chain thanks to their unbelievable grub and outgoing owner, we highly suggest heading down to South Philadelphia to Chickie’s & Pete’s Café on 1526 Packer Avenue. This is the hub for all things sports, and everyone who is anyone journeys to this particular spot for the best pre-game, game and post-game party in all of Philly.

10:30 P.M. National Mechanic’s Bar

(Courtesy of: nationalmechanics.com)

We know it’s kind of a shock to the system, but at this point in the night you’re going to have to wind down from the post-game shenanigans in Southern Philly and take in some historic culture at the National Mechanic’s bar. *“When you pull open the tall, ancient doors, curtained in a blood red fabric, you open the passage way to a strange and mixed feeling of warmth and welcome.” *Reads their quirky website, *“As for the bar, we’ll let a greater mind introduce you… Lord Byron said that “Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxication.” *That is this bar in a nutshell. Churches, banks, clubs, bars and numerous fires have passed through the 174-year-old building. Its gothic feel attracts an eclectic crowd.

12:30 A.M. The Grey Lodge Pub

(Courtesy of: greylodge.com)

Once you walk into the Grey Lodge Pub and grab a pint you’ll understand why this place has been rated one of the top 50 beer bars in all of America. This place is constantly rotating their beer on tap, the workers are friendly and the owners try their hardest to carry local microbrews to help the little guys. Oh, and be sure to check out the bathrooms. They’re pretty wild!

??? Pat’s King of Steaks

(Courtesy of: patskingofsteaks.com)

It’s greasy! It’s cheesy! It’s a Phili cheesesteak sandwich made with love by Pat’s King of Steaks, the “originator and inventor of the steak and cheese steak sandwiches.” While we’re not sure on the accuracy of that last part, Pat’s has been open since 1930 and is still family run and owned. Don Lovitz, Yao Ming and Barak Obama are just a few of the names who have dug into their sandwiches. While we wish we would’ve read the “Tips for Ordering at Pat’s” page on their website before visiting, we eventually got a midnight snack that knocked us into a steak induced sleep.