Winner of the coveted “Most Promiscuous City in the U.S.” award, birthplace of hipsters and home of the most strip clubs per capita in all of America, it’s obvious that spending a night in Portland, Oregon is nothing short of wild. That being said, Portland is packed with diners, brew pubs and nightclubs which makes it hard for visitors to navigate their way around the seedy dives and tourist traps to find the best local hang outs. Time and time again, these following spots have shown many thirsty travelers a great night in one of the most forward cities in America.

12 P.M. Distillery Row

Courtesy of: Distillery Row

Vacationing in Portland during the week? Skip to the next place on the list. But if you are visiting during the weekend, read on. If you tend to enjoy spirits over craft breweries, Portland is home to your kind of crawl. Each weekend from 12-5pm a line of distilleries known as Distillery Row open their doors for drop-in spirit tastings without appointment. They’ve banded together to map out the best plan of attack hereand, well, it’s pretty unforgettable. If you pace yourself that is.

5 P.M. Upright Brewing

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Loved by locals and envied by vacationers; Upright Brewing serves up some of the most delicious microbrew in all of Oregon. Inspired by beer brewed in France and Belgium, Upright crafts their own drafts with care and local ingredients. Beer enthusiasts can sample trays or twelve ounce glasses of seasonal and year round brews in their quaint tasting room which serves as the perfect place to enjoy the company of others or grab to a drink by yourself in the early afternoon.

7 P.M. Cartlandia

Courtesy of: Cartlandia

While we tend to steer away from spotlighting street meat on our lists, Portland is well known for their extensive selection of Food Carts littered all across town, so when in Rome! We do caution that most carts are fusions of niche cultural dishes or overzealous fried foods that will keep you from feeling the alcohol you drank, but we know a place that you can grab an appetizer, entrée, and dessert from 15 different food carts. Fittingly called Cartlandia, foodies can dine on anything from Cajun dishes to traditional pastries. It’s impossible to not fall in love with this charming makeshift food court.

9 P.M. Sassy’s

Courtesy of: Sassy’s

Dancing girls, 10:30am-7pm Happy Hour, three stages and a seasonal outside shower stage pretty much sums up why this joint is a staple in the community. While some may think of this place as a dive, the gorgeous girls and generous pours will make up for the outside and before long you’ll be throwing away your money in exchange for the most creative lap dances of your life.

11 P.M. – Doug Fir

Courtesy of: Doug Fir

After hitting up Cartlandia and Sassy’s you may want to remind yourself that you are not a local, but a visitor and should sober up before getting a nautical tattoo or a purchasing tight black jeans. To bring yourself back to reality, head on over to Doug Fir the restaurant/bar/concert venue/lounge that seems to be modeled off of the Great Northern hotel from Twin Peaks. Whether you are checking out a show downstairs, grabbing some food on the main floor or sitting in front of a fire pit outside, Doug Fir is great place to re-charge before heading back out.

1 A.M. The Guild Public House

Courtesy of: The Guild

If you’ve successfully made it through a night in Portland, you deserve a nice stiff drink. Owned by three guys who are no strangers to bartending, food and brew pubs, The Guild Public House is the perfect place to end your night with a well-mixed cocktail, good old American pub grub and the company of friendly locals.