UPDATE: Nevermind.

CLEVELAND _ One of the rumors floating around The Q this afternoon is that the last of the NeverTrump delegates are going to pull a stunt when the roll call of the states begins at the GOP Convention. The “plan” that was being whispered about around the arena is that when the state of Colorado has its turn at the mic to announce the state’s vote totals, delegates will stage some kind of demonstration against Trump. Their goal is to wreak havoc on tonight’s order of business and embarrass Trump’s campaign.

Colorado delegate Marty Neilson told me that she hasn’t heard anything about it. “I came down here early to get a good seat to watch the speeches,” she said. “I’m sure I’ll get informed if some demonstration is going to happen, but there’s nothing yet.“

If there is to be some kind of chaos, it will likely generate in the Colorado group because all of its delegates are pledged to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. But Neilson says it’s high time that any remaining opposition to Trump accept defeat and get on with supporting him.

“What the press is missing is that they believe that they can drum up all this controversy in our party,” says Neilson. “But they forget that we are ‘anybody but Hillary’ people – not ‘anybody but Trump’ people. Hillary will destroy our country, so anybody with a brain is going to support our nominee.”

She says that during the primaries Donald Trump was her third choice for president (her favorite was former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina) but that she’s now for him and her fellow Republicans should fall in line.

Neilson has more insight on this than most in the hall because this is her fourth national convention. “In the first two conventions I attended – 2000 and 2008 – we nominated someone who became president of the United States,” she says. “I liked that, and I think this time we’ll again be nominating a future president of the United States.”

The only thing Neilson seems to be angry about is how the media is playing the story of Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism of First Lady Michelle Obama in her speech last night.

“That’s all baloney, concocted by the press, media stuff,” she says. “If you’re giving a speech about how you grew up, what are you going to say – ‘My parents taught me to smoke dope, slack off, and not do things great’? I mean, people aren’t going to say that. They’re going to say exactly what Melania said. Maybe Michelle Obama said it as well, and maybe she had great parents and a great upbringing as well. But that’s what people are going to say if they have great parents who’ve supported them throughout their life. I don’t see it as an issue. I think it’s blown out of proportion.”

Just as the convention was being called to order, I asked whether this convention is going off the rails as some TV coverage has suggested. Is it really inferior to previous national GOP conclaves?

“The only difference with this convention is that the media’s not in control of Donald Trump. And that’s the exciting thing. I’m sick of our candidates being under the control of others. He doesn’t kowtow to anybody, and I like that.”