This May, the unkillable Alien franchise will return for its sixth film, and it looks like director Ridley Scott has just put the horror throttle all the way down and aimed straight for our faces.

Alient: Covenant follows a crew, mostly made up of young couples, on the first major colonization mission from Earth. They land on a gorgeous planet of mountains and lakes, and they even find wheat growing in the fields. They also find no trace of other animals—not even a bird in the sky. Then the telltale spacecraft is found lying among the trees, and … well, strap in.

To be honest, it doesn’t really look like this film is breaking much new ground in the franchise. It’s another “Unsuspecting Crew Finds Death-Filled Spaceship and Murder Ensues” story, complete with the classic Alien facehuggers. That said, if it’s done right, even adding only a few details to this still-mystery-filled mythos could make the whole thing worth it. Also, it’s the Danny McBride vs. the Xenomorph movie, and we need more of Kenny Powers fighting space monsters.

Alien: Covenant arrives May 19.