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New App Nood Helps You Stay Naked

New App Nood Helps You Stay Naked : Nood Life

Nood Life

Weary of using emoji applications or blurred-out PhotoShop effects to hide your nipples and crotch at Instagram’s demand? The cartoon cherries and kitty cats of InstaEmoji have their own obvious appeal, but what about covering yourself with something more realistic?

Since the nipple has yet to be fully emancipated, meet Nood, a new app that, according to creator Melina DiMarco, “covers your ladyparts” with “body positive” stickers. Think gentle illustrations of precisely what’s being covered up.

@afends.womens gets it. #noodfornude #nipsonnips #genderequality #freethenipple

A photo posted by nood ( on

Ironically, Nood has been rejected by both Apple’s App Store and Google play, labeled as “objectionable material.” Apparently even mild drawings of vaginas are offensive. You can sign a petition to get it available on the App Store here.

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