With President Trump’s rumored 20% tax on Mexican imports, guacamole lovers everywhere are fearing future price hikes on our precious avocados. But until then, New Zealand-based produce marketer Freshmax is assisting avocado aficionados with their appetites by introducing help stickers for determining ripeness.

That’s right. No more haphazardly picking up and squeezing avocados from a grocery store to determine if they’re guac-ready. The New Zealand-based company designed the stickers by using a gradient; the greenest, top color corresponds to a “not ripe” avocado, darker green refers to “firm rip,” and the darkest green means the avocado is “soft ripe.”



The sticker was first discovered by a Redditor who shared his discovery on the subreddit r/MildlyInteresting. This of course prompted debate on whether or not color was the right avocado barometer. Many argued that the only true way to gauge freshness is by picking up the avocado and giving it a gentle squeeze to see how soft or firm it is.

There’s also the stem method, which involves peeling the stem to see if the inside of the avocado is the appropriate green.

So, a reminder for the next time you’re ready to make your favorite avocado creation: a combined assessment of color and firmness yields the best results.