Beyoncé’s divine diva persona may not be your cup of tea, but the woman’s flair for the dramatic is virtually unassailable. What’s being reclassified as the video for her “Flawless (Remix)” featuring Nicki Minaj is actually a snippet of concert footage from a show in Paris. But, perhaps, the clip works better on its own rather than as part of a relentless Bey bombardment.

This is the moment where Beyoncé used a simple graphic on a video screen to ignite debate over whether her particular brand of bootyliciousness constitutes a sort of feminism. This is the moment where she vaguely addressed the elevated kerfuffle between her husband and her sister — simultaneously trivializing it and shutting it down almost completely. And this is the one where Bey trotted out Minaj in a bombastic bodysuit flamboyant and flattering enough to rival her own.

The “remix” has merit beyond being eye candy, though. When Beyoncé raps, her words are too ferocious to be clear. Minaj, on the other hand, hits the stage cool — even icy — and drops a few flawless gems per her typical anti-all-y'all-other-bitches braggadocio: “Like MJ doctor, they killin’ me — propofol/I know they hope I fall/But tell ‘em winning is my motherfucking protocol/Because I score before I ever throw the ball.”

(via Billboard)