Destiny players, time to either rejoice in the wisdom of the Bungie development gods or curse their names and burn them in effigy. The developer just released a list of weapons tweaks coming in Update 2.0.0 for Destiny, and there are some contentious items on the docket.

The update arrives when the next Destiny expansion, “The Taken King,” drops in September, and chief among its changes are some serious “nerfs”—that is, reductions in power and awesomeness (as in turning them into Nerf guns)—of some of the Destiny community’s most beloved digital death-dealers. The changes are being hotly debated, with the kinds of back-and-forth one might expect from a player base as, um, enthuasiastic as Destiny’s.

Some of the changes should have a major effect on Destiny’s player-vs.-player combat mode known as the Crucible, where folks have been complaining about the overpowered nature of weapons like Thorn, a pistol that sucks the life out of enemies long after they’ve been hit, and The Last Word, a rapid-fire cowboy revolver, for months.

Other tweaks make less sense to many players, especially those applied to the story mode of Destiny, where players work together instead of battling each other. Nerfs are also being applied to guns like Gjallarhorn, a super-sick rocket launcher whose warheads explode and spray heat-seeking barbs into the air for extra damage; Ice Breaker, a sniper rifle whose ammo slowly recharges; and Black Hammer, which has near-infinite ammo in the hands of skilled players. These just seem mean—after all, using a ridiculous rocket launcher to blow up aliens is fun, not unfair to other players.

Of course this could all be moot if Bungie doesn’t provide a new upgrade path for existing weapons once “The Taken King” comes out on Sept. 15. The expansion will presumably provide higher-level aliens to shoot, and with them higher-level guns, and players’ current arsenals could be rendered obsolete from day one. Bungie hasn’t said exactly how that will go down, but there might be a reason few players in the community are discussing the possibility: denial. In the meantime, enjoy your overpowered weapons while you still can.