Have you ever looked at a beautiful tableau in Skyrim and wished that you could feel as if you were actually there? Well for those who want to be further sucked into the gaming world, Razer’s Project Ariana is the projector for you. Debuted at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Project Ariana uses high tech projection technology that syncs with your gaming screen. As CNET reports, “it combines an ultra-wide 155-degree fish-eye lens and a pair of 3D-sensing cameras to "paint” some combination of in-game footage, related images (like weather effects) and colored lights, via Razer’s Chroma lighting system, all in an effort to augment the onscreen game experience and make it feel all-enveloping.“

The projector adds a higher degree of peripheral perception to the games you play. As witnessed in the tech demos below, this allows for a broader picture of the landscape in first person gaming. To be honest, even seeing the projector in action has us wondering about its potential to cause motion sickness. This might only aide in the immersion, since this tech appears to most help in FPS games where you kill bad guys, an event that if done in real life would certainly cause nausea.

This project remains simply a prototype, so it’s difficult to say if you will one day be able to purchase this specific product or not. Despite this, these sorts of prototypes are good indicators of where technology is headed. Check out videos of the next step in video game realism below.