Fans of George R.R. Martin’s writing have come to be (deservedly) cynical about promises that new Song of Ice and Fire material—more commonly known as Game of Thrones—is forthcoming. After all, The Winds of Winter has been delayed multiple times, with readers having eagerly awaited it for six years by now. But it’s looking like they’ll manage to get something new from Martin before the end of 2017, even if it’s not what they might have expected.

As Vulture has noticed, a new fantasy anthology called Book of Swords is due to be released from Bantam Press this October. Edited by Hugo Award-winner Gardner Dozois, little is known about Swords beyond one fact: the book’s description promises “a new story from George R.R. Martin set in the world of A Game of Thrones!”

It’s not yet known what the story will be, although Martin has previously released “new” shorts that were originally written for his 2014 companion title The World of Ice & Fire. One fan is already arguing that the story might be “The Sons of the Dragon,” which Martin has read excerpts from during public appearances, but we won’t know for sure until October 10, when the book is finally released.

Whether this will be the only Martin prose released this year also remains to be seen. He has suggested that Winds of Winter, the second-to-last book in the series, might actually come out this year. But then, he said the same thing about it at the start of 2016, and look how that turned out. At least the TV show will return this summer to help stave off your Westeros withdrawal.

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