Someone really smart at Instagram — hopefully not a terrorist hatching a devious plan to preoccupy our great nation — has devised a method of shooting timelapse photography with the already-ubiquitous cellphone photo app. How does it work? Who cares. It does, though, and well. The app-spawned-app, aptly named Hyperlapse, has been trending for the last couple of days among amateur shooters and is threatening to turn anyone with a mobile device into a cinematographer in much the same that Vine did but then didn’t.

Twitter is quickly being overrun with video of plain folk just walking places like the Flash trapped in the dullest comic book ever. But there are also plenty of well-shot vistas racing by and even some credible attempts at avant-garde expressionism. Here are some examples of what the app has been used for thus far. Stay tuned for for the inevitable next wave: pseudo-narrative humor, celebrity co-opting, and, yunno, A Clockwork Orange-style porn.


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really cool #hyperlapse of my week so far 😷

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