One week from today, Apple is going to be holding an event. The speculation is that the company will reveal a new iPhone 6 and an iWatch device. But at this point, the big news would be if Apple didn’t show off an iPhone with a larger screen and a web-enabled time-telling device. The leaks and rumors have been rampant, as they always are with Apple releases. But Russian YouTube user Rozetked just spoiled any semblance of surprise with this detailed video of the iPhone 6. The video is the most in-depth look at the phone to date, and shows the 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 6 and the slimmer design as well as the relocated power button (it’s on the side now, instead of the top).

It’s pretty great to see the new iPhone up close, but the source of the video is a little frustrating because ‘Murica. Why can’t it be an American leaking the cool video of the iPhone? Can’t Obama do something about that? Maybe this can be the plot for the next Expendables movie.

In any event, we are sure that Apple CEO Tim Cook has a couple secrets left that the Russians don’t know about yet. So we’ll have to stay tuned on September 9 when all will be revealed.

h/t The Verge