Next month we’re getting our first new Jurassic Park movie in well over a decade, and aside from the general allure of seeing Chris Pratt play action hero again, a lot of people are having trouble getting excited. The film’s promotional footage has been criticized for everything from sexist dialogue to crummy-looking CGI to an over-reliance on the same old “Man Tampers with Nature and then Pays For It” themes, and some people on the ‘net have found themselves too bored by the footage to even really care.

Now, Jurassic World might turn out to be a spectacular blockbuster that hits all the right notes, but for the moment it still needs to be sold to a skeptical public, and that’s how we get clips like this:

The first half of the spot is barely about Jurassic World at all. The plot of the new movie kicks in by the end, but as it starts and you hear the voice of the late great Lord Richard Attenborough backed by the classic John Williams score, you’re thinking Jurassic Park. You’re thinking Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum and the ripples in that little glass of water and how freaked out you were when the T. Rex broke through the sunroof of that jeep. Honestly, it’s a wonder there’s not a moody shot of a mosquito preserved in amber thrown in there.

It makes sense that Jurassic World would want to invoke the legacy it comes from, but recapturing the sense of wonder Jurassic Park brought is a tall order, and I know because Steven Spielberg tried with The Lost World and it didn’t work. Still, it’ll be fun to see this film try.

Jurassic World opens June 12.