The next LCD Soundsystem album is almost here. Almost.

“This is just a note to say that we’re done with the record. Like, totally done with the music and the mixing,” band leader James Murphy wrote on Facebook this morning. “I’ve been wrangling the fastest route between final mix and record release for the past few weeks so that there isn’t such a lag, and i think it’ll be soon. 6 weeks is the very fastest, I think, but it will likely be longer than that.”

If he sounds almost apologetic, there’s a reason for that: Murphy ended the band’s much-hyped retirement in December 2015 after just under four years with the release of new track “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” with an official reunion announcement following a couple of weeks later. Indeed, on February 13 that year, it was announced that a new album would be forthcoming at some point later in 2016.

It might not have escaped your notice that we’re some point beyond that deadline by now.

Work on the album, it seemed, was harder than anticipated; international tour dates were cancelled to try and finish, and the release was shifted to this year to try and accommodate the slow progress. As it stands, only two songs have been officially released to date, with “Call The Police” and “American Dream” coming out simultaneously earlier this month.

At the time, Murphy addressed the album’s delay.

“We’re really looking forward to not feeling ‘late’ all the time, and being able to do things like plan a weekend to do something fun,” he wrote.

That wasn’t the only time he’d shared frustration with how the process was going. In January, he complained that recording was “drag[ging] out” because “winter tends to mess with my voice.”

If all of this sounds like something that would piss off fans of the band, don’t worry; they were already pretty mad. Even before the delayed album, there was a botched ticket release for a weeklong Brooklyn residency, which itself came on the heels of a comeback that was already judged to come too soon after the hype surrounding the retirement of LCD Soundsystem in the first place. (Here’s a clue: If your fans paid a fortune to see your bally-hoo’d final gig ever, don’t say “We’re coming back!” in the same space of time between Presidential elections.) Really, the album delay is just the latest stage of a much-anticipated return that’s been dragged out to many fans’ breaking point.

But let’s put all that behind us! The album — as yet untitled — is almost upon us!

“Sorry it took so long, honestly. I didn’t think it would, but O, once again, underestimated the distractions inherent in touring and living a 'life,’” Murphy wrote in the Facebook announcement of the album’s finish. “Be well, thank you for yr patience (even when it manifested as semi-angry 'where the fuck is the RECORD james!’ posts!) and very much looking forward to getting this to you.”

The new LCD Soundsystem album will be out… sometime this year. Probably. Maybe. We hope.