I don’t like emojis all that much. I figure if you can’t communicate what you’re trying to say to in words, you shouldn’t be communicating. As I’ve told many people over the years, “Use your words.”

I do get it, though. Sometimes you want to just be cheeky, or sometimes you need to get an emotional point across to make sure that your cheekiness is fully understood. Sometimes I just like to send people random broken hearts to get them worried about me on a Friday night. It’s…fun. But what if you could just speak your messages and your smartphone would turn some of that message into emojis? Would you be into it? Yeah? Then listen up, emoji-user.

Area 120, one of Google’s incubator startups, has created Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger. This messaging app not only transcribes what you say into text, but does exactly what I suggested above: It turns your words into emojis.

It’s not totally automatic, though, so the annoyance factor can be kept in check. As you speak, it transcribes what you say, and lets you know which words can be turned into emojis. In the example given, you can say “Do you like pizza?” and the words “like” and “pizza” are turned into a thumbs-up and a pizza, respectively.

Everyone likes pizza, of course.

If you’re not sure what your friend is trying to say, the recipient can still listen to the original sound file of the message.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger (cool name, though) supports both group and one-on-one chats and it available both on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Prepare to be that person. I won’t judge you.

But also, I probably will. :(