Now that Samsung is getting past the exploding-battery debacle that was the Note 7, it’s time to look ahead at what’s next from the Korean smartphone manufacturer. Sure enough, details about their upcoming Galaxy S8 have leaked, and you’ll be pleased to to learn that it’s packed with features that will make even the most strident iPhone fanboy a bit jealous.

The S8 will come in two sizes, will feature an edge-to-edge “infinity” display and will include an iris (eye) scanner.

The “infinity display” will lack a bezel, or border around the edge of the screen, meaning the image will take up the entire front of the phone. The Guardian reports that the phone probably won’t even have room for a Samsung logo on the front. As for the fingerprint scanner, it’ll be moved to the back of the phone.

The now-defunct Note 7 included iris scanning technology, and it appears Samsung will be bringing that feature as well to the Galaxy S8, meaning you’ll be able to unlock the phone and make purchases just by looking at the phone.

As for the camera, expect a “duo pixel” camera like the S7 with some minor improvements to quality, speed and low-light performance, all things selfie-takers will certainly appreciate.

Other improvements will include processors speed, improved storage (at least 64GB along with expansion via microSD cards), USB-C and of course a new Gear VR headset to go along with it.

One final thing to look for in the S8 is the inclusion of Samsung’s new artificial intelligence technology, which will be asort of Siri on steroids. According to reports, it’ll be called “Bixby” and will be capable of recognizing objects with the camera.

And, yes, it will have a standard headphone jack.