In case you’re staring at the clock watching the last few hours of the workweek tick away, feeling all TGIF like John Stamos in the ‘80s, self-proclaimed acid rapper Chance is here to remind you that weekend joy is fleeting and life “just don’t get no better.” On “No Better Blues” by Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment, the lyricist launches into a monotone litany of laments that range from the dire-yet understandable – “I hate my bed, I hate my home, I hate my job/I hate the wife, I hate the kids, I hate my job” – to the absurd, paradoxical, and, yes, clever.

I hate to lose, I hate to try, I hate to win/I hate to cruise, I hate to fly, I hate to swim/I hate the optimistic smirks on the face of children/I hate the government and those who deface its buildings/I hate artists, hate creatives, I hate bright people/I hate darkness, I hate racists, I hate white people

If this is “acid rap,” keep this guy away from the downers.

(via Pitchfork)