Forbes has an inside look at the massive leaks from Apple about the new model of their iPhone 6, believed to be called the iPhone 6S.

The leak comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a rock solid track record on Apple leaks in recent years. Kuo spoke privately to investors today breaking down 11 key features he understands will make up the key elements of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus when they are launched in September.

First and foremost is the iPhone’s newest feature, “Force Touch.” Webopedia defines “force touch” as “a feature developed by Apple that senses the level of force exerted on a touchpad or similar display surface, and responds accordingly.” Already present on the Apple Watch, an iPhone with this tech could have major implications in how you use your iPhone, in everything from writing emails to interfacing with your favorite apps.

Building upon the success of the colored casings that came with the iPhone 6, Apple appears to be set to introduce another option, Rose Gold. It’s no stretch to imagine that Apple will include a new iPhone in this color, as it’s already available for the Apple Watch.

Unsurprisingly, the newest iPhone camera is set to jump even higher than the bar previously set by Samsung and Google, with many assuming Apple could go for as many as 12 MP for all those delightful brunches you’ll be instagramming.

Along with an improved camera, it’s likely that Apple will bump the iPhone’s RAM to an A9 chipset and 2 GB, a move that should make the simultaneous running of apps a dream. An extra microphone is believed to be included, for additional clarity in videos and speakerphone calls.

With upgraded iPhones comes an upgraded iOS, and the release of iOS 9 is anticipated to be rolled out along with the 6S. It won’t likely be as much of a shake-up as iOS 8 was, but expect a push for new features as Apple encourages its consumer faithful to buy up and into the iPhone 6 family.

While this new and improved iPhone 6S should solve the problem of “Bendgate” with better materials along the ends and edges of the phone, not everyone is happy to hear that the 6S won’t be available in 4-inch form. If you don’t like walking around with a phone that’s not quite as big as a tablet, but certainly about the size of a small sandwich, you’re out of luck.

Until Apple does their usual dog-and-pony press show in the fall, we won’t know exactly what’s for sure and what isn’t, but be warned to save your pennies now, because there’s definitely a new iPhone on the horizon.

Via Forbes.